Xzibit off to Pinkville

He may have a day job pimping peoples’ rides, but Xzibit has always had one eye on acting.

He’s already appeared in the likes of Gridiron Gang and recently signed on to star opposite Alfre Woodard in American Inquisition. Now he’s jumped aboard Oliver Stone’s latest, Pinkville.

The drama chronicles 1968’s My Lai Massacre of civilians by US soldiers and the effect it had on those involved. Bruce Willis, Channing Tatum and Woody Harrelson are already aboard and Stone will film it next year, based on Mikko Alanne’s script.

Now all we have to wonder if whether, should his acting career take off, Xzibit will switch to his real name of Alvin Nathanial Joiner. After all, a slightly silly real name hasn’t hurt Dwayne Johnson…