XCOM: Chimera Squad armor: The best equipment to keep your units protected

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The best XCOM: Chimera Squad armor can mark the difference between a roaring success and mission failure in Firaxis' latest turn-based strategy game, so it's worth keeping in mind. While the levels of customization and progression operate at a reduced capacity for your new team of pre-rendered tacticians, there's certainly a hierarchy of protection when it comes to the different armors you can purchase, research, and equip over the course of Chimera Squad's campaign. 

This guide to the best XCOM: Chimera Squad armor is here to help you suit up and boot up in style. There are four types of armor to equip onto your agents in XCOM: Chimera, and each one can be unlocked by first researching it in the Assembly before purchasing it at supply. Once you've researched a new piece of armor, it'll automatically equip onto all your agents in the Armory. 

Body Armor 

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Unlock requirements: None

This is the standard protection that all agents come fitted with, providing no inherent stat bonuses or perks at a base level. 

 Modular Armor 

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Research requirements: 25 Elerium

This offers the same baseline stats as Body Armor with the added benefit of being able to purchase and Armor Mods, two for each agent. The mods available are:

Enhanced Body Armor 

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Research requirements: 70 Elerium

Enhanced Body Armor adds two hit points to every Agent's lifebar, while also adding an extra utility item slot to their loadout, letting you equip up to twice as many tools on each unit that you may have purchased from Supply or the Scavenger's Market. 

Like that of Modular Armor, Enhanced Body Armor can also be equipped with two separate modifications, the same as those listed above.

Mastercrafted Body Armor 

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Research requirements: 125 Elerium

Mastercrafted Body Armor provides one more additional hit point to units' lifebars, bringing their total health bonus to +3, in addition to equipping a third utility item slot to their loadout.

This is the final tier of Armor available in XCOM: Chimera Squad so, once unlocked, you'll want to focus on maxing out those utility slots and armor modifications for each and every agent at your disposal.

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