Xbox studio is letting you pick its next game

Press Play, the Microsoft-owned studio behind Xbox One games Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Kalimba, is crowdsourcing the direction of its next game - but not in the way you might think. Instead of money, Press Play wants your ideas. To that end, the studio is letting gamers vote on what project it will work on next, and a video introducing the concept suggests this open collaboration will continue into development.

Think of it as "Really Early Access," but without Press Play asking for your money, which is always nice. The games up for vote are Dwarka, a first-person co-op game where players explore a procedurally generated underground world in search of treasure; Karoo, a physics-based construction game set in an open world where players build all manner of odd vehicles; and Knoxville, where contestants on a Hunger Games/Running Man-like game show must form alliances to survive, and though everyone can survive, the show rewards those who stab their friends in the back.

Each project has its own pitch page and teaser trailer, with one member of the Press Play team explaining their idea alongside conceptual visuals. It's a novel approach to game creation, and hopefully the final product will be better for it. You can cast your vote on the Press Play website.

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Sam Prell

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