Microsoft showcase reportedly taking place on March 26

Xbox Series S
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Microsoft might have a gaming showcase planned for as soon as later this month.

According to a new report from WindowsCentral, the Xbox manufacturer will hold an upcoming broadcast on March 26. The outlet reports that while rumors had previously pointed to a showcase taking place on March 23, their own sources now tell them that plans have shifted slightly, with the planned showcase being pushed back three days.

However, WindowsCentral can't confirm what this showcase will actually contain. The outlet writes that it might be advisable to "temper expectations" surrounding the broadcast, as it might purely focus on tech. However, they also write that the show might offer glimpses at Xbox games planned for release at some point later this year.

Just yesterday, a roundtable between Xbox and Bethesda took place, to celebrate the acquisition of the latter by the former company. Figureheads like Phil Spencer and Pete Hines spoke briefly about what the acquisition would mean for Bethesda games going forward, with Spencer stating that some planned future Bethesda releases will be exclusive to Xbox platforms.

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that 20 total Bethesda games would be immediately arriving on Xbox Game Pass. Hits like Dishonored, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, Oblivion, Fallout 4, and more were added to Xbox's streaming service yesterday.

For a complete list of all the games coming to Xbox's next-gen console over the course of the next year, head over to our upcoming Xbox Series X games guide for more.

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