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Xbox Series X stock has been flashing on and off regularly again

Xbox Series X stock has been flashing on and off regularly again
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Xbox Series X stock and Series S stock has been flashing on and off with increasing regularity recently. It's often like a tap being turning off and on still but every time the tap is on, it seems to stay on a bit longer. This is great and encouraging news for all. Goodness, how we all just want stock to be readily available now; this has just been too trying. 

Xbox Series X and S stock has been pretty consistently landing on shelves this month as a whole actually, but on both sides of the pond we've seen stock regularly recently. As of today, UK retailer Very had both Series X and Series S stock, while another UK retailer, Game, recently had one of their infamous queues to get in which is a good sign. Previously, Australia's Microsoft Store had some, and in the US, Dell had some, Antonline had some, and GameStop had some bundles coming and going too. Series S stock does hold for longer, but there can't really be one without the other so whenever that console comes into stock we are primed and ready for Series X stock to appear - and it does sometimes.

And if we look holistically at the whole 'next-gen' console stock situation, it might just be that we can expect some Xbox Series X and S restocking imminently. After all the PS5 - which has, for Reasons, been the harder to get hold of out of all the consoles, has even started appearing again, even at Amazon UK today (Monday 25th January).

Despite the overall situation still being what it is, these are at least positives in terms of The Thing We Want being available. It's not totally barren out there when it comes to Xbox Series X stock, at least. We'd suggest keeping an eye on the links below to stay ahead of the curve, or at least ready to strike.

In short, the trickle of Xbox Series X stock is getting a bit more constant and stronger. We know that more will come in January, too; UK retailer Box recently announced they would be using their Xbox Series X ballot system once again toward the very end of this month in order to stop bots and scalpers ruining it for everyone.

We try to keep abreast of all things console stock-wise internationally, but social media is worth a shout every so often, and Twitter accounts like XboxStockAlerts are usually on the money for predictions (or they're at least fast in terms of notifying folks).

Elsewhere, we have also seen PS5 stock coming and going this week, which - even if it's not the one you're after - is encouraging nonetheless. Best Buy dropped some PS5s not long ago, Game and Currys in the UK had some PS5s so, despite this being dominated by the news of bots making thousands of orders once again, this is good news and progress of a kind. 

While we wait for a solid tipoff, all we can suggest is vigilantly refreshing and checking retailer websites so you can have the best chance to buy Xbox Series X or buy PS5 in the early weeks and months of 2021.

As always, our most pertinent advice is to utilise the below quick links to make sure you're well covered across the retailers in your region. Keep checking in with these sellers every so often; you might get lucky. It's been known to happen and we'd put good money on it happening again, as some stores put up Xbox Series X stock without any fanfare.

It's also worth bookmarking our page of Xbox Series X deals and bundles, as this will be updated as we get more concrete stock updates. Bon chance!

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