Xbox Series X restock: here's where the console could be today

Xbox Series X restock
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Xbox Series X restocks have been a little quiet recently, though hope could be on the horizon. It's been rumored from several credible sources via social media that Microsoft Store could have a stock drop any time now, as it is overdue.

Though It's worth watching out for Walmart and Best Buy too, as both retailers have a good track record for releasing Xbox Series X stock early in the week, especially with the former going live yesterday, and the latter's massive in-store stock drop on Thursday considered.

As unpredictable as Amazon might be, it's always good to check in with what the world's largest online retailer is doing when it comes to Xbox Series X restocks, especially because it's normally covert affairs at the best of times, as we've seen in both the US and the UK over the past few months.  

Xbox Series X restock

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Series X restock: last seen at these retailers 

Xbox Series X restock: buying advice 

Price: Xbox Series X retails in the US for $499.99 in the US and £450 in the UK. We know it can be tempting to give in and pay over-the-odds to secondary sources, but given that some resellers are asking for double the MSRP, it simply isn't worth it in our opinion. Restocks happen at least once a week, so keep an eye out and only pay what you have to. 

Bundles: Certain online retailers may launch you into a virtual queue once Xbox Series X restocks go live. It's a stressful, and very competitive time window, with potentially thousands of would-be Xbox gamers falling over each other to secure the system at retail price. Because of this, we generally recommend aiming for a bundle, complete with the best Xbox Series X headset, some games, or the best Xbox Series X accessories to avoid any disappointment. It always pays off to have your payment information to hand, too, in these situations. 

Retailers: Only ever buy an Xbox Series X console from trusted retailers, and avoid any websites that don't seem credible, especially social media accounts claiming that they 'have the Xbox Series X in stock'. Never trust these people. 

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