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Xbox Series X restock: let's hope a new month brings a new wave of units and luck

Xbox Series X
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It's been a more exciting time for Xbox Series X restocks in recent weeks, and this might well continue as we head into September. 

According to some social media rumors, Best Buy in the US is overdue on an Xbox Series X restock any day now, and there's been heavy speculation online that Amazon UK could be gearing up for a massive drop imminent within the next few days.

At the same time, with the Limited Edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X pre-orders going live, attention has swayed online towards that particular model, meaning we could be due a few quieter Xbox Series X restocks from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, and the store sooner rather than later.

Xbox Series X restocks: buying advice 

There are a few quick easy tips regarding Xbox Series X restocks that we believe are of vital importance when it comes to scoring the shiny new system. Sadly, it's been just shy of 10 months since the console was 'released', and still so many would-be gamers are, unfortunately, unable to indulge in the most powerful Xbox ever made. 

Firstly, and while it seems boring, it's important to note that the Xbox Series X carries an MSRP of $499.99 in the US and an RRP of £449 in the UK. We reiterate this fact so that you don't pay over the odds unnecessarily. For as much as you might want the system under your TV, and the wait is surely agonizing for most, it just isn't worth paying what amounts to a price-hiked ransom for the 'privilege'. 

We've seen some social media accounts online telling followers craving the console that paying $200-400+ over the MSRP is something that they should consider, or buy from them as they have stock available. As a general PSA: never buy an Xbox Series X from these accounts, only purchase the system through the trusted stores. 

If you are willing to spend a little extra on an Xbox Series X restock, generally, we advise that you aim for one of the bundles that some online stores run when stock becomes available, normally with the best Xbox Series X accessories or best Xbox Series X games packed in for a fair price. 

We recommend this way because those bundles are typically a less competitive space when compared to the all-out brawl that ensues over the standalone system; no one wants to sit in a queue for the best part of an hour only to find that all available Xbox Series X stock is long since sold out. 

What will also help your case, should you be lucky enough to find yourself with a brief time window to secure the system, is to preemptively load your payment information and shipping address into the retailers' sites if you can. This saves those precious seconds, if not minutes.

Remember, you'll want the best screen to go with your new console, so check out our guides to the best TV for Xbox Series X and best Xbox Series X monitor.

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