Xbox Series S stock is back in at Microsoft store right now!

Xbox Series X stock is back in at Microsoft store right now!
(Image credit: Microsoft)

While Xbox Series X stock and the Series S shipments have been coming and going with a bit of regularity now (fingers crossed that that continues), this Xbox deal from Microsoft's UK storefront is a neat way to build your new setup instantly. 

Microsoft UK is offering the chance to buy a brand new Series S console direct from them but you can add an extra controller for a discounted price. This makes this a genuine deal, resulting in a great Xbox bundle; especially given how new the console still is.

Specifically, you can save 11 quid on an extra official Xbox Wireless controller - in White, Black or Shock Blue. But if you fancy one of the rarer colours, you can save 12 pounds on the Arctic Camo, Grey/Blue, or Grey and Green controllers. However, what might be super tempting to get something very premium into your setup immediately, you can save a handy £16 off the Elite Series 2 controller, or £15 off the Adaptive controller. Whatever you need or want, you'll find a second controller for you here, and you're guaranteed to save some money.

For all our readers, no matter where you are, though, the below links will are our go-to set of retailers who have been reliable  - if briefly - selling both the Xbox consoles. These links are worth, for lack of a better term, camping on and checking regularly as retailers often set stock live without any warning. And, as always, keep trying during those flashes of stock - even if the links don't appear to work, folks have had success by just hammering the F5 button and refreshing constantly to try to get in.

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