Xbox One X sales skyrocketed on Amazon today and mistakes may have been made

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Microsoft's current-gen Xbox One X is currently seeing a massive uptick in sales over on Amazon, and it looks like there may be a few disappointed gamers on Christmas day.

The Xbox One X is a fine console, but that's most likely not why people are clearing out Amazon's stock on this particular day. As you're likely aware, Xbox Series X pre-orders began today, and it sounds like people are accidentally ordering its similarly-named current-gen counterpart.

As @AndrewAlerts notes on Twitter, the Xbox One X's Amazon sales rank jumped 747% at one point on Tuesday, leaving little doubt that some shoppers are mistaking it for Microsoft's next-gen console. Further, Xbox One X consoles were among the top search results on Amazon for the first few hours shoppers were looking for Xbox Series X pre-orders.

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If you are still working on securing your definitely next-gen Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, we keep updated guides of which retailers have stock and when they run out. It's pretty slim-pickings everywhere, but folks in the UK should check these places for stock, while US shoppers should check here.

Microsoft's next-gen strategy suddenly looks a lot different after yesterday's news that it purchased ZeniMax media,  the parent company of Bethesda Softworks - which itself owns Skyrim studio Bethesda Game Works, Doom studio id, Dishonored studio Arkane, and much more. In addition to potential exclusivity deals with all of its studios, Microsoft says Bethesda's future games will hit Game Pass the day they're released.

Here's what the Xbox acquisition of ZeniMax could mean for Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield, and Deathloop.

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