Xbox One price drops back to $350 in the US

I hope you didn't buy an Xbox One in the last two weeks. Microsoft has announced that Xbox One will return to its $350 price point in the US, after a brief return to its pre-holiday prices - a $50 reduction from the previous standard for a Kinect-free package, which itself was down from the $500 initial asking price for an Xbox One.

The price cut will go in effect on Friday, January 16. Although Microsoft referred to the new $350 price tag as a "promotion" which will be offered at retailers nationwide, it didn't specify an end date. So until you hear otherwise, Xbox One costs $350.

Microsoft's new-gen system enjoyed some of its strongest sales ever in November and December, when it overtook PS4 as the best-selling console in North American retail for the first time in months. Looks like Microsoft wants to keep that momentum going - or get back up to speed, as the case may be - for the rest of 2015. Or until the promotion ends. If it actually ends…?

Microsoft also noted that Xbox 360 became the best-selling seventh-generation system in the US over the holidays, meaning it finally unseated the Wii. You had a good run, Wii.

Connor Sheridan

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