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Xbox One 500GB bundles are now $249 in the US, a week before Xbox One S arrives

With just over a week left before the arrival of the comparatively dainty Xbox One S, Microsoft is further slashing the prices on its beefy forebear. You can pick up any of the existing 500GB bundles for $249 as part of an Xbox One Summer Sale, down from the $279 price announced during E3 and even further down form the $299 price point revealed a few weeks before E3. That includes special editions like the white Quantum Break bundle.

The sale will continue for an unspecified time "while supplies last". If you don't mind a bulkier system with less storage, $249 for a fully equipped bundle is a pretty sweet deal. Especially since the 2TB Xbox One S launch edition will cost $399 when it arrives on August 2, though 1TB and 500GB models will also roll out in the months ahead for $349 and $299, respectively. Or you could save your money for whatever Project Scorpio turns out to be.

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Connor Sheridan
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