Xbox June update fixes frame rate issues with Alien Isolation and Yakuza 3

Alien: Isolation
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The Xbox update for June has fixed some frame rate issues for two titles.

A new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S update was released on June 15, and alongside some new additions to the consoles, Xbox's director of program management Jason Ronald has highlighted a fix. While these weren't mentioned in the official blog post, Ronald explained that frame rate issues were reportedly occurring for players who had connected an external HDD to the console. With this fix, it's clarified that Alien Isolation runs at a steady 60fps with FPS Boost enabled. 

Back in May, over 70 Xbox One games were added to the list of games to make use of the new-gen consoles FPS Boost feature. Alien Isolation was one of them, alongside Yakuza 6, Metro: Last Light, Dirt 4, Wasteland 3, and many more. While the consoles originally launched with automatic FPS Boost and HDR, users were given toggles back in March so that they decide if they wanted these features on.

The June update itself introduces some new features for the consoles. Party chat now supports transcribing speech into text, and turned text into speech. This update was previously only available to Xbox Insiders while testing was taking place. Now that it's available, users can enable these accessibility features from the Ease of Access menu. Speech-to-text will appear for players as an overlay on top of the gameplay, while text-to-speech will have party chat text read out by a synthetic voice to all party members.

There are also official posts from games available to view in the Xbox app on mobile devices, giving players a way to see posts from studios in a similar way to Instagram Stories, appearing as circles that open up to view the content. Users are able to interact with these leaving comments, liking them, or just sharing.

Moving groups can now be done far easier now that a new Move Groups button is available from the My games and apps screen. Xbox has also updated its family settings to make it easier to review and approve requests from an Xbox family kid account to play with players on other platforms and PCs. Basically, kids can submit a request for permission and then using the Xbox Family Settings app on console or mobile, the request can be approved or declined.

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