Xbox Series X adds FPS Boost to over 70 Xbox One games

The Xbox Series X FPS Boost feature has been added to a whopping 74 Xbox One games, bringing the total number of games that support the feature to 97.

For the uninitiated, FPS Boost is an Xbox Series X/S feature that increases, or gives you the option to increase, the frame rate on select Xbox One games. Before today, there were only about 20 games with FPS Boost, but this latest drop massively increased that number.

Some of the more notable Xbox Games being "FPS Boosted" today include Alien Isolation, Yakuza 6, Metro: Last Light, Dirt 4, Wasteland 3, and Watch Dogs. Xbox has the full list of games featuring FPS Boost available here.

If you want to make sure your Xbox One games run as smoothly as possible on Xbox Series X, make sure your console is all the way up to date. Xbox clarified today that, in some cases, the FPS Boost is an option that you need to toggle on, whereas other games are automatically boosted. That's because some games required Xbox to tone down the resolution slightly to achieve the frame rate increase, so the toggle gives you the option to keep the original resolution or go with the improved frame rate.

If you're wondering when your Xbox 360 or older Xbox games will get the FPS Boost treatment, well, maybe never. Microsoft said earlier this year that it's "still evaluating" whether the feature will work on games older than Xbox One-era.

Looking to the future, here are some upcoming Xbox Series X games to get hyped for.

Jordan Gerblick

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