Xbox Game Pass gets a meditation app deal right before major update, and that timing has drawn plenty of attention

Phil Spencer
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Xbox head Phil Spencer is set to make an announcement regarding the future of platform exclusives tomorrow, and a new Xbox Game Pass perk handily offers three months of Calm Premium.

The new deal for Xbox Game Pass members actually went into effect yesterday, February 13, two whole days before Spencer's announcement on February 15. It seems as though subscribers on any tier of Xbox Game Pass can now take advantage of the deal for the meditation app, complete with its bedtime story from Matthew McConaughey.

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The one joke going around on Twitter right now is that Xbox users might need this to get a good night's sleep before Spencer's announcement. That's basically what everyone is saying if you check the quote tweets section of the tweet just above - that Xbox fans need a bit of Calm before the big announcement tomorrow.

"Phil telling y'all to calm down," reads one tweet. "Just in time for the announcement on Thursday…some of y’all need to sign up," reads another. "Phil Spencer teaching Xbox fans meditation to become stress-free. Just in time for the bad news lmao," adds a third tweet.

We learned earlier this week that Spencer's announcement will be delivered via the Xbox podcast. We hope you weren't expecting a big showcase or livestream to announce the new direction for Xbox exclusive games because that's definitely not going to be the venue for tomorrow's announcement.

So far, rumors have had Xbox exclusives like Indiana Jones and Starfield slated for release on PS5 consoles at some point in the future. Spencer has reportedly tried to quell some speculation behind closed doors, allegedly telling employees that Xbox consoles are still paramount going forward

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