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Xbox FanFest signups begin next week

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox has today unveiled its rebranded FanFest, with a focus on digital events going on all year-round.

"Xbox FanFest is now a combination of exclusive physical and digital events, content, sweepstakes, merch, and more!" reads the announcement on the official Xbox website (opens in new tab). "By registering for Xbox FanFest, you unlock exclusives across Xbox hosted events, promotions, and curated online experiences hosted just for you."

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The announcement goes on to say that Xbox FanFest was previously a series of physical events around the globe, but that's now changing. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on around the world, Xbox is hardly the only games company that's been forced to change their plans throughout 2020 so far, and looking further ahead to 2021.

The registration process to be an Xbox FanFest fan will kick off this coming Monday, on October 12. You'll need to head over to the official Xbox website (opens in new tab) at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET to be in with a chance of registering.

After you're registered, you'll need to check back in on the Xbox website to see which digital events you can participate in to earn prizes and rewards. You'll immediately earn 100 Microsoft Points upon successfully registering in the Xbox FanFest program.

In the FAQ section of the FanFest website, it's revealed that you'll have access to special Xbox gear, early access opportunities, sweepstakes, trivia events, and more as part of the FanFest membership. There's currently no set schedule for events to take place however, with the FAQ section saying that activities will be held "intermittently."

It's a busy time for Xbox over the next few months, with two next-gen consoles set to launch around the world. Both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S will be launching globally on November 10, and we've already had a hands-on experience with the Xbox Series X in detail.

For a full list of the games you can play on Microsoft's more powerful next-gen console at launch, head over to our Xbox Series X launch games guide.

Hirun Cryer
Hirun Cryer

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