X-Men: Apocalypse deleted scene is everything you wanted the movie to be

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Early set photos and interview snippets with the cast and crew of X-Men: Apocalypse promised a jovial superhero movie. Well, not jumping for joy ecstatic, but on the more upbeat end of the grimdark scale. And while the finished product is hardly a doom n' gloomfest, it's not the neon-colored '80s extravaganza most of us were hoping for.  

Bearing that in mind, a deleted scene has hit the web showcasing that exact side to the movie. It's fun, lightweight and honestly, shows the young mutants doing the type of stuff all teenagers do: behave like mallrats. Check it out below... 

It's no secret that Bryan Singer cut a lot of content from the movie. That's a common occurrence in studio films today, but here it feels a little more devastating. For starters, Jubilee was given the 'Rogue treatment', getting most of her scenes cut from the theatrical version. We don't even see her use her powers in the cinema version - this is the first time! As one of the film's most popular comic book characters from the 80s/90s run of X-Men titles it definitely stung. Seeing her excised from the film to give Apocalypse - that happy-go-lucky chappie! - more screentime is a real shame.  

The biggest thing is that this scene adds a little spark of life to the film. Seeing mutants prat around in a food court and play video games at the arcade might not push forward the plot, but it's a hell of a lot of fun. 

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