X-Men #16 establishes a whole new democratic status quo for the mutant team - spoilers

Page from X-Men #16
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This week's X-Men #16 from writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Phil Noto gives a new status quo not just to the mutant islands of Krakoa and Arakko, but to the venerable X-Men themselves, with a new version of the team in the works.

The issue constitutes one of the first glimpses at overall Krakoan society post-'X of Swords,' including some surprising twists on expected outcomes.

Spoilers ahead for X-Men #16

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X-Men #16 opens with Doug Ramsey facilitating a meeting between the living islands of Krakoa and Arakko, with the latter having fully manifested next to Krakoa through the Eternal Gate. With both islands and their cultures having evolved separately for thousands of years, the islands don't even speak the same language – let alone share the same values.

As such, the islands elect to remain apart as separate lands and cultures, with the population of Arakko mutants vastly outnumbering the Krakoans – leaving the Quiet Council questioning the value of the entire 'X of Swords' battle.

Xavier and Magneto entreat with Isca the Unbound to see if, in the absence of reunification, the islands can coexist. Isca says it may be possible, but the warlike government of Arakko, which somewhat resembles the Quiet Council in structure, may not take their offer – and they should not expect a peaceful response if they come unbidden again.

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Back on Krakoa, Magneto and Xavier seek to fill the vacant seats of the Quiet Council with Scott Summers and Jean Grey – however, they refuse. Instead, they intend to form a new, official X-Men team to represent Krakoan interests in the world abroad as mutant superheroes, operating somewhat outside the jurisdiction of the Quiet Council – though Scott says they can still call on him as a 'Great Captain' to lead Krakoan forces.

As for who will make up the ranks of the new X-Men, Scott hits on a novel idea – rather than unilaterally asking mutants to join him, the citizens of Krakoa will vote on who makes up the X-Men.

X-Men #17 is due out January 27.

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