Floating out in the ether-web is a number of fake websites designed as clever marketing tools and experience-expanding Easter eggs. If you haven’t discovered these seedy corners of the internet yet, take a gander at our quick list.


Everything you could possibly want to know about GTA’s foremost fast food outlet. Complete with cheery theme tune; make sure your speakers are on.
Or off.


The Degenatron, as advertised on Liberty City’s radio. See its amazing games and check out the emulator...


The deeply worrying Exsorbeo ‘handheld’ is here! See the testimonials! It’s just this kind of thing that’s corrupting our youth, you know. This and this alone.


Sad? Confused? Easily led and just raring to delude yourself? Then you might even think this religion’s homepage is real. It certainly covers all the usual bases convincingly.


Exercising is hard and eating properly is just boring - what you need is the Dormatron to burn off fat for you, while you’re asleep.


Want to be a star? Then it’s probably best not to listen too closely to what Cliff of GTA III radio station Lips106 has to offer. He may be old, but this DJ reckons he ‘connects with the kids’ all the time...


You may have thought that Donald Love was just a slightly creepy man who lived in a skyscraper and never quite said the words ‘kill these people for me,’ but you were wrong. A bit. He has a whole media empire.


This E-ed up Manc singer may seem a little bit familiar - visit Vice and his voice will be even more familiar. Find out the truth behind the man.


If you want to know more about the rap scene that spawned both Madd Dogg and OG Loc this is the place. Check it out and be inspired.


Planning a visit to Vice City? There’s no better way to prepare than this Miami citizen’s 80s nostalgia zone.

Apr 29, 2008