WWE SmackDown 08 - Extreme Rules match

Once the bell rings,you can rush underneath the ring and immediately grab hold ofyour favorite weapons (something we know you do anway). Whichweapon you grab from under the ring is no longer left to chance, as the Extreme Rules Match features a radial menu that appears onscreen. All you do is point theLeft stick in one of eight directions, each corresponding to a specific weapon, soyou can either soften up your opponent's nogginwith a Trash Can first or head straight for the Ladder.

In addition, exclusive ECW-only interactions with the crowd are triggered by dragging an opponent over to certain, overenthusiastic fans.Besides grabbing weapons from anywhere now, you can drag your opponent over to a crowd member holding a cup for example, and watch as your Superstar climbs on top of the barricade, pours its contents all over the opponent and spits it into the crowd in true Sandman style. We're pretty sure the liquid in questionwon't be Sandman's trademark beer (it'll be rated T for Teen after all), but it's the thought that counts.

And for the pyromaniacs out there,the infamous Flaming Table finally makes an appearance in the series,almost daring you not to try it at home (please don't). Brawlers with full momentum can now ignite tables and even barbed wire 2x4s to give their opponents some minor third-degree burns and lacerations.

The Extreme Rules match isn't limited to the ECW originals like Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk or Sabu, so make sure to grab newcomers like John Morrison and CM Punk to enact your dirty deeds. Extra points for making your friends chant "Holy shit!"