WWE Day of Reckoning: Slap-happy new shots

THQ have released a handful of new shots of WWE Day of Reckoning, their Gamecube successor to the WWE WrestleMania series.

The game, which is being developed by SmackDown! coders Yuke's, will feature a roster of 40 characters (including as-yet-unspecified legends), a create-a-character function and a new, more storyline-focused single-player mode called School of Hard Knocks.

These latest shots are actually from the same matches that we saw when and focus mainly on Triple H vs Chris Benoit and include a Pedigree from HHH and a Scorpion Deathlock from current world champion Benoit. There's also a solitary shot of Trish Stratus against Stacy Keibler from the classy new Bra and Panties mode.

WWE Day of Reckoning will be released for Gamecube in September