WWE 13 roster - Meet every superstar in the game

Mark Henry (Attitude Era)

He may have only become a world champion in the last year, but Mark Henry has an impressively long history with the WWE going more than 15 years. Originally billed as merely the worlds strongest man, he soon joined the militant heel faction The Nation of Domination which was led by the then-evil Rock. He often teamed with DLo Brown even after The Nation split up, staying dominant as a bad guy, but never making it to the top. He spent a good chunk of the late 90s as the comical Sexual Chocolate, but it looks like WWE 13 is choosing to ignore that period of his career.

The Miz

Know why The Miz is awesome? First off, he began as a wannabe wrassler on MTVs Real World and through talent and determination ended up getting hired in a non-wrestling capacity by the WWE. That didnt last long as The Miz pushed his way up the ranks, proving himself to the audience again and again on the mic and in the ring as one of the best bad guys on the show. By WrestleMania 27 Miz had made it to the main event, defeating John Cena to retain the title (with some help from The Rock). Even when hes not the champion, The Miz does his best to stay in the minds of the WWE Universe picking up wins wherever he can. And why not? He is The Miz and hes awesome!

John Cena

A small time wrestler few have heard of, Cena is really only known on the indie scene... ok, enough jokes. Love him or hate him, Cena has been the most high profile superstar for a whole generation of WWE fans. Like Hulk Hogan, he's an unbeatable Superman that kids love and hardcore adults disrespect. Still, anyone that really watches him perform know he works hard for the whole audience whether he's in the main event or in the co-main event (but we'll still be chanting "Cena sucks").

And the rest!

Who else has been confirmed for the game? Look at the deepest roster in WWE game history!

Brodus Clay

Randy Orton

Sin Cara

Triple H

Wade Barret

Jinder Mahal

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