Worried about Avengers: Endgame spoilers? Kevin Feige hints that we’ll only see footage from the first "15 to 20 minutes" before release

Avengers 4: Endgame might be taking a pretty different route when compared to the normal MCU track to release. Instead of a blast of potentially spoiler-filled trailers, complete with ruining any and all cool moments while simultaneously being able to piece the entire movie together, the Avengers 4 trailer so far might be a large chunk of what we’ll see before release. Yup. That’s it. At least, according to a big ol’ hint from Kevin Feige when pressed on a recent rumour surrounding Endgame’s marketing.

Speaking to MTV at the Golden Globes 2019, the head of Marvel Studios was asked about whether Endgame’s marketing strategy would involve showing footage from only the first “15 to 20 minutes” of the movie. Feige’s reply? “I’d call [the reports] somewhat accurate, yeah.”

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Feige went on to say that “[For Avengers: Endgame in particular], being able to generate excitement without giving away any of the many, many, many, many secrets… would be ideal.”

Marvel movies in the past have had the unfortunate knack of giving away most of its big plot points and shocks in advance, so this is like (muted) music to my ears. Remember Thor vs. Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok and T’Challa vs. Killmonger in Black Panther? Yeah, well, so did everyone else because they were all heavily featured in marketing, almost scuppering any chance of major surprises in many MCU movies.

But that might not be the case with Endgame; this can only be a good thing. No longer will spoilerphobes have to abstain from social media in case of an errant GIF ruining what would’ve been an eye-popping moment when you sit down and watch it on the big screen. Instead, Endgame is covered in secrecy and Marvel seems to be embracing that. No one knows what is coming – and that’s a big part of why everyone is so excited.

Maybe some people didn't get the memo. I'm looking at you, Mark Ruffalo, and the rest of your castmates who have gotten all blabby about the Avengers 4 ending in recent months.

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