World War Z roadmap updated with first free DLC now set to arrive June 3

Update: The first major point in the World War Z roadmap won't arrive on schedule, but you'll still be playing soon and with all the fixes outlined in the World War Z 1.05 patch notes. Developer Saber Interactive announced on the game's official Twitter account that the first World War Z free DLC will arrive on June 3:

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If you can't read the tweet, it says the update will include a new mission set in Tokyo, new zombie type (likely the virus spitter that was teased before), a FOV slider on PC, private lobbies, and more. We'll see if this slight delay ends up pushing back the rest of the World War Z roadmap - read on to see what all Saber has announced.

Original story: World War Z has had a stronger start than you might expect for a game based on a mediocre movie from 2013, and now the developers at Saber Interactive have revealed their plans to keep the zombie heads rolling with their World War Z roadmap. The game's first season of content (yes, it seems every game has seasons now) will stretch from May through July, with substantial updates like new missions, difficulty levels, and challenges rolling out every month.

Here's the current World War Z roadmap laid out by month.


A new mission set in Tokyo will be added to the game.
• A new virus-spitting zombie type that can revive itself will be added to the game. It looks like an unsuccessful patient and is very creepy.


• A new six-skull "Extreme" difficulty will be added - come out on top and you'll earn a "unique reward."
Bonus cosmetics and "other goodies" are coming in June too, so you can look good as you cut through hordes of the undead.


• Weekly Challenge Mode will be enabled, giving you the chance to test yourself with a new challenge every week.
More cosmetics and "other goodies" are coming in July so you can look even better as you cut through hordes of the undead.

Saber Interactive also says new weapons, weapon variants, characters skins, and accessories are on the way at some point during World War Z Season 1. It gave an early heads-up on even more free updates, though it stopped short of giving the below items a specific spot on the roadmap.

• Private lobbies
• Wave-based survival mode
• Support for switching classes during PvPvZ matches
• Field-of-view and level-of-detail sliders on PC

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