World of Nintendo

11)Plush remote
A pillow for two or a plaything for a giant Nintendog, perhaps. They're hand-made and all sold out but keep an eye see if more become available in the future.

12)Wii theremin
We've seen Wii remotes hooked up to computers before, but this is the first time we've heard one sounding exactly like a theremin - the spooky electric instrument operated by waving hands near its antennae. It's controlling an expensive Moog analog synth, hence the sound quality.

13)Ouendan skillz
Think you're pretty good at Ouendan 2? Check out this video and think again. It's the Samurai Blue song on hard mode with hidden beats, and it's probably as confusing to watch as it is to play. Well, maybe.

14)Portable Wii
For those of us who've been disappointed at not being able to play Wii games on a screen just a little larger than a PSP, peripherals manufacturer Pega HK has beaten Joytech and all the rest to the punch with this clip-on LCD display. Now you can play wherever there's a power socket.

15)Mario Strikers mega collection
Play online and you'll see a lot of Luigi and Diddy Kong mega strike action, but if you want to see the whole lot then somebody has kindly recorded them and edited them into one unskippable mega cutscene. As one commentator wrote: "Man I just don't get it, why the hell is DK's mouth open the whole time?"

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