World of Nintendo

1)Beautiful katamari
Combining cult favorite Katamari Damacy with what looks like Nintendo's entire roster of characters results in not only the coolest and funniest piece of fan art we've seen in a while, but also a crossover game idea we'd eat our grannies to see made into the real thing. Or how about the little Katamari guy in Smash Bros, gathering everyone in his ball of space goo?

2)Mysteries of Zelda
Look what you can unlock in Twilight Princess by using cheat codes - two new enemies that weren't used in the game. One is a big robot, the other a collection of Gorons who roll up into balls and join together into a big Thing-style rock monster. Wonder why they were cut out.

3)Real life Pikmin
Rumors say Miyamoto got the idea for Pikmin while sitting in his garden one morning, hopped up on gallons of industrial strength cider. People dismissed the subsequent game of vegetable men and miniature spaceships as pure fiction, but these pictures suggest the Pikmins are really real. We're sorry we doubted you, Shigeru.

Carrot-wielding Nintendo characters made into lumpy clay bunnies - who could ask for more? They look just slightly disturbing but we reckon there's a game in there somewhere...

5)Short story cinema
Nintendo ran a competition for amateur filmmakers to produce a Nintendo-themed video up to five minutes long. We knew the quality was bound to be high but the winners really are fantastic. Don't miss these clips.

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