Woody Goes To Spain

In what’s becoming something of a European tour for him, Woody Allen has announced the details of his next-but-one film.

In true Allen style, the Woodster has apparently refused to part with the title – though our careful and thorough research (we ran it through the IMDB) shows an upcoming film called Midnight In Barcelona. What we do know that it’ll be a non-shocking stick to form, a drama of romantic entanglements starring mostly English-speaking actors.

But whether or not that title is correct, he’s packing up his cinematic kit after one more UK-set film and will shoot next summer’s “project” in Barcelona. He hasn’t started work on the script yet, but that might be because he’s got to finish editing that aforementioned London-set outing, which itself doesn’t actually have a title. What it does have is Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor and Tom Wilkinson, and a release date set for Whenever The Hell Woody Feels Like It.

Source: ( IMDB )