Wonder Woman 1984 opening scene is now available for everyone to watch for free

Fancy a sneak peek at Wonder Woman 1984? The opening scene from Diana’s big DC sequel is now available to watch online, courtesy of HBO Max.

Just don’t expect much of Gal Gadot, Pedro Pascal, or Kristen Wiig in action. Instead, we travel back hundreds of years to Diana’s home of Themyscira.

There, Gadot narrates as a young Diana (played by Lily Aspell) navigates the world before arriving at a large amphitheatre, home to their version of the Olympics – only instead of marathons and relays they run up waterfalls and play something that can only be described as basketball with horses.

Robin Wright’s Antiope even makes a return to give Di some advice as she lines up to take part in an event: “Pace yourself and watch.”

Then, Wonder Woman hurtles her way through an obstacle course as later scenes from 1984 are spliced in, including Diana using her Lasso of Truth and also attacking what appears to be Pascal’s villainous Maxwell Lord.

It’s worth noting that, in the full version of Wonder Woman 1984, this opening scene is a little bit longer. Still, it’s a nice early present for those looking to watch the movie on HBO Max on Christmas Day – and even teases the Amazonian spin-off that director Patty Jenkins has talked up in the past.

Jenkins, meanwhile, has her sights set on a galaxy far, far away. She is all set to direct Rogue Squadron in the Star Wars universe – and galaxies away from the world of Wonder Woman and Themyscira.

Wonder Woman 1984 is out on HBO Max and in selected theaters in the US on December 25. For more from the world of DC (and Marvel), check out our list of new superhero movies coming your way, faster than a speeding bullet.

Bradley Russell

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