Meet your new Ciri and Yennefer for the Netflix Witcher TV series

We already have our Geralt of Rivia in Henry Cavill, and now we know who'll be joining him for The Witcher Netflix series. The elfin Freya Allan - also currently filming a War of the Worlds TV mini-series - will play adopted daughter Ciri, and Wanderlust star Anya Chalotra takes the role of sorceress Yennefer. 

"We’re looking for the best actors for these roles," showrunner Lauren Hissrich told THR.

"Period. End of story. It comes down to the best actor for the role. Henry’s obviously a big fan of the franchise. We met in early April and had a very general meeting. I then went off and met with hundreds of other candidates for Geralt and never really got Henry out of my mind. In casting Anya and Freya, the cool thing was we were open to anyone and both of them, to me, embody the spirits of the characters." 

THR also revealed that Game of Thrones' Jodhi May has joined the cast, as have Fortitude's Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson and Adam Levy from Before I Go to Sleep. 

In the interview, Hissrich also mentioned that she's a big fan of The Witcher games, but she's had to be careful about not playing them recently. 

"I’m a huge fan of the games. That being said, what I really tried to steer away from is that the video games right now are the sole visual representation of these stories and we needed to create our own visual representation. As I’ve been developing the series I’ve actually pulled back from playing the video games because I wanted to make sure the show we were creating was its own unique thing."

Want to know what's happening with The Witcher 4? Geralt's gone for good, but it's definitely coming. 

Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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