The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]

Contract: Bovine Blues

Suggested Level: 38 | Prerequisites: N/A  

You can get this contract from the notice board in Flovive. Head to the Ardaiso Quarry to the northeast and speak to the foreman about a “cow that fell from the sky.” Head to where the accident happened at the top of the quarry and take out the alghouls that have appeared. After the fight, examine the corpse to figure out what happened here: a draconid dropped this cow from the sky.  

Check the crane up on the hill to find where the draconid crashed, then follow the blood trail to find a small distillery. Take out the bloaters there, and find where the blood trail picks up. It will eventually lead you to another dead cow, then to a cliff. Scale it to find a pair of slyzards, slay them, destroy the nest if you so desire, then take a slyzard trophy back to the foreman to complete the contract.   

Filibert Always Pays His Debts  

Suggested Level: 48 | Prerequisites: N/A  

There’s an Undiscovered Location, a Hidden Treasure, east of Flovive at the Casteldaccia Abandoned Estate. Head there and search near the well for a corpse. Take out the ghostly knight that guards it, then search the body to find a note. Read it to learn of a stash hidden in the house. Go inside and climb into the attic, then look for a candle-switch on the wall you can pull. This will move the bookshelf, revealing the treasure.   

Waiting for Goe and Doh  

Suggested Level: 40 | Prerequisites: N/A  

There’s another Hidden Treasure on the peninsula southeast of the Casteldaccia Abandoned Estate. Head there to fight a few drowners and find a corpse. Loot it for a letter, then read the letter to learn of treasure in the water inlet to the west. Dive in and use your Witcher senses to locate the good stuff beside a wrecked boat.   

The Inconstant Gardner  

Suggested Level: 37 | Prerequisites: N/A  

At the southern edge of the map, just southwest of Tesham Mutna Ruins, is one more Hidden Treasure. Take out the bandits and loot the corpse to find a note. Read it to learn of treasure in the vicinity, then check behind the nearby group of barrels to find it.  

Equine Phantoms  

Suggested Level: 44 | Prerequisites: N/A 

This quest appears as a “!” on your map, just northeast of the Dun Tynne Crossroads marker at Pinastri’s Hermitage. Speak to Pinastri to learn that some spirit has been tormenting her. Use your Witcher senses to find clues around and inside her hut; looks like a wraith is causing the trouble.   

The second part of the quest involves Geralt downing the same strange brew that Pinastri drinks. Then… things get weird. After talking with Roach (yes, really), walk around with him for a bit while he looks for clues. When the wraith shows up – it’s an umbra in the form of a horse – hop in the saddle and start chasing. Ride until you reach the cemetery, and you’ll face a group of ethereal panthers that share a boss health bar.   

Take them out and examine the main tombstone to summon the true phantom. Turns out the ghost just wants forgiveness for what he did to his horse. You can show him that forgiveness, or take a more ruthless path. Return to Pinastri to complete the contract.

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