The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]

Scavenger Hunt: Grand Master Ursine Gear  

Suggested Level: 40 | Prerequisites: Begin “Master Master Master Master!”  

This is the fourth of the 5 gears sets the armorer wants you to track down, and you can start your search in Flovive. Check behind the crumbling house to find a cellar blocked by debris. Clear it with Aard then head inside to find half the diagrams in a chest to the right. You’ll also find a letter; read it to get a new marker.   

Head to the marsh to the northwest to find a cave entrance near the marker. Inside, you can clear out some rocks to find a note about symbols on the cave walls. Continue through the passage, using the symbols to choose the right path (you’ll fight a few centipedes too). You’ll find a corpse holding the rest of the diagrams at the end. You can then take all 6 back to the armorer to finish the quest.  

Scavenger Hunt: Grand Master Manticore Gear 

Suggested Level: 40 | Prerequisites: Begin “Master Master Master Master!”  

This is last of the 5 gears sets the armorer wants you to track down. Head to the marker to find some ruins guarded by some barghests. Take them out, then climb up into the tower to find the first diagram and a journal. Read it to get a new marker in the southeastern pocket of the map.  

There’s a cave full of ruins at the marker. Head inside to find several prayer notes stuck to the walls. Once you find the right one, read it to receive the second diagram and place another marker on your map, far to the northwest at a monument. Go there and enter the temple beneath the monument. You’ll find a specter inside, so kill it then use your Witcher senses to find a chest containing two more diagrams and a note.  

Read the note, and you’ll get yet another marker on your map. There’s a hard-to-spot cave entrance in the water there. Inside is some strange pink gas, but keep pressing forward. You’ll have to fight two bruxae, and the following chamber will have a few beggars sitting around. Give them alms, then keep going. In the following chamber, you’ll have to fight a few kikimores. Look for some rocks you can Aard through to reach the final chamber. Loot the spot in front of the hallucination to find a diagram and one last note.  

Reading this note drops one final marker on your map, in the northeastern pocket of Toussaint. Head there to find a few bandits around a lake. Take them out, then dive into the water and use your Witcher senses to find the last diagram below. Take all 6 back to the armorer to wrap up this (rather long) scavenger hunt.   

Father Knows Worst  

Suggested Level: 37 | Prerequisites: N/A  

You can get this quest from the notice board in Beauclair, at the Gran’place. Head to the marker to find some folks in trouble inside a Monster Den. Two of them will escape, but their brother Hugo is still inside. Head in there and take out the group of kikimores, then use your Witcher senses to track a blood trail. Follow this to find Hugo; looks like there’s a lot more going on here.  

Agree to help Hugo find his part of the distiller, then backtrack to the steaming pool you passed on the trail. Use Quen to dive in without getting burned, retrieve the part, and return to Hugo to escort him out of the cave. You’ll encounter his brothers (and a new band of thugs) outside. You can handle things diplomatically or teach them a lesson, but either method will finish the quest.

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