The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]


A Matter of Life and Death

Prerequisite: Complete "Get Junior." | Suggested Level: 12

After the events at Menge's place, Triss will ask to meet at her home. Then after closing out the quest with Dijkstra, this new one will trigger. Meet Triss at her place in The Bits to learn she needs a companion for a potentially dangerous meeting in the fish market.

Head there first to scope out the area. Use your Witcher Senses to find the man with red-outlined keys in his pocket, then starting follow him - you'll encounter some bandits after a moment. After the fight, you'll learn that Lady Vegelbud's son needs to be sneaked out of the area. This requires using an upcoming masquerade ball as a distraction.

To prepare for the party, visit Elihal's shop just outside the city walls and purchase one fox mask and one wolf mask. Bring these back to Triss, and the two of will adjourn to the ball. As you make your way to Lady Vegelbud, you'll encounter a few party quests; deal with them as you wish. After speaking with her, you'll have to find Albert among the guests. Use your Witcher Senses to detect the panther mask he's wearing.

Once you've found him, head to your new marker and sit with Triss to pass the time. After a talk and a little chase through the hedge maze, Albert will meet you. After switching masks, he and Triss will go ahead of you. Follow, then take out the witch hunters that corner you in the maze. Head to the stables after the brawl to finish the quest.

Now or Never

Prerequisite: Complete "A Matter of Life and Death." | Suggested Level: 14

After saving Albert in the previous quest, you can meet with Triss to start another. Head to her house - it's time to get the mages out of Novigrad. Deal with her landlords however you please, and Triss will give you two options: help a young mage couple, or head to the Kingfisher to join the rest of the mages.

You can choose either, but if you decide to get the couple first, you'll have to tag along with Triss. Take out the witcher hunters waiting outside the house, then keep following her, avoiding patrols along the way. When you reach the couple's hideout, take out the hunters threatening them.

Now it's off to the Kingfisher. Head there to find that more witcher hunters have already raided the place. Take them out, then follow Triss into a secret chamber with the rest of the mages. After a cut scene, you'll head into the sewers to clear the way.

Battle through the long tunnels, taking out rats and other baddies along the way. Eventually, you'll face a katan vampire. The tricky thing with these guys is their constantly healing, but Igni and Yrden will help. Once he's down, it's just a bit further to the docks. Take out one last squad of witch hunters to see the mages safely off.

A Deadly Plot

Prerequisite: Complete "Now or Never." | Suggested Level: 14

After the events of "Now or Never," Dijkstra will ask for your help with an assassination plot. Visit him in Passiflora to begin: the conspirators need you to find their informant who went missing.

Start your search at the Pontar, by the Border Post marker. Speak to the soldier Gregor there to learn some possible whereabouts for Dijkstra's missing man. Head to your new marker and use Witcher Senses to find some shoes near an abandoned cart. Follow this path of shoes to encounter a rock troll.

After a goofy exchange, you can look around the area to find his friends' cave. The man you're looking for is in the back - it's your old pal Thaler. You'll have to kill the trio of trolls to free him. They’re pretty tough, but Quen can be a big help. After the fight, escort Thaler back to his cart to wrap up the quest.

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