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Winners of 2020 Tripwire Awards announced - including Newsarama

(Image credit: Tripwire Magazine)

The winners of this year's Tripwire Awards were announced in a ceremony held Monday on YouTube. Organized by the long-running UK entertainment magazine Tripwire, the awards are "to celebrate the best in U.K. and U.S. comics over the past 12 months."

The nominees for this year's awards were decided by a panel of judges, with the awards then open to the public for a final decision.

"Despite the fact that we couldn’t do a physical ceremony, we felt that we had to do something to announce these awards to the comics community," Tripwire editor-in-chief Joel Meadows said in the awards' announcement. "And so many people from our community have stepped up to give us their acceptance speeches via video. Comics creators and publishers are always keen to support each other and we have been very gratified by what we have received."

Newsarama itself won for "Best Comics-related Website / Publication," with Editor Chris Arrant accepting the award on behalf of Editor-in-Chief Michael Doran, along with contributing writer George Marston, Best Shots editor and writer David Pepose, and contributors Vaneta Rogers, Lan Pitts, Kat Calamia, Pierce Lydon, C.K. Stewart, Justin Patridge, Matthew Sibley, Forrest Helvie, Joey Edsall, Scott Cederlund, Aubrey Fisher, Oscar Maltby, Aaron Duran, Joey Marsick, Grand DeArmitt, Thomas Wilde, and Audrey Ayres.

Here’s the list of all the nominees in each category, and winners:

2020 Best Writer nominations

  • Grant Morrison (The Green Lantern, DC Comics)
  • Ram V (These Savage Shores, Vault Comics / Justice League Dark, DC Comics)
  • Kieron Gillen (Die, Image Comics / Once & Future, Boom! Studios)
  • Kelly Thompson (Captain Marvel, Marvel Comics)
  • Al Ewing (The Immortal Hulk, Marvel Comics)

Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison (Image credit: Tripwire)

Winner: Grant Morrison (The Green Lantern, DC Comics)

2020 Best Artist nominations

  • Joelle Jones (Catwoman, DC Comics)
  • Liam Sharp (The Green Lantern, DC Comics)
  • Marco Checchetto (Star Wars / Spider-Man, Marvel Comics)
  • Stephanie Hans (Die, Image Comics)
  • Sanford Greene (Bitter Root, Image Comics)

Winner: Joelle Jones (Catwoman, DC Comics)

2020 Best Cover Artist nominations

  • David Mack
  • Alex Ross
  • Liam Sharp
  • Jenny Frison
  • Jock

Winner: Alex Ross

2020 Best Colourist nominations

  • Tamra Bonvillain (Wayward, Image Comics)
  • Dave Stewart (Hellboy, Dark Horse Comics)
  • Triona Farrell (Hit-girl In Mumbai, Image Comics)
  • Astone Vittorio (These Savage Shores, Vault Comics)
  • Laura Allred (Bowie, Insight Comics)

Winner: Dave Stewart (Hellboy, Dark Horse Comics)

2020 Best Letterer nominations

  • Aditya Bidikar (These Savage Shores, Vault Comics)
  • Tom Orzechowski (The Green Lantern, DC Comics)
  • Travis Lanham (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Marvel Comics)
  • Jim Campbell (Giant Days, BOOM! Studios)
  • Clem Robins (Hellboy, Dark Horse Comics)

Winner: Tom Orzechowski (The Green Lantern, DC Comics)

2020 Best New Series sponsored by Ace Comics nominations

  • Conan The Barbarian (Jason Aaron / Mahmud Asrar, Marvel Comics)
  • Hellblazer (Si Spurrier / Aaron Campbell, Black Label/DC Comics)
  • Champions (Jim Zub / Steven Cummings, Marvel Comics)
  • Dying Is Easy (Joe Hill / Martin Simmonds, IDW Publishing)
  • The Plot (Michael Moreci / Tim Daniel / Joshua Hixson, Vault Comics)

Jason Aaron

Jason Aaron (Image credit: Tripwire)

Winner: Conan The Barbarian (Jason Aaron / Mahmud Asrar, Marvel Comics)

2020: Best Publisher nominations

  • IDW Publishing
  • Dark Horse Comics
  • BOOM! Studios
  • Ahoy Comics
  • TKI Presents

Winner: Dark Horse Comics

2020 Best New Talent sponsored by the Con Collective nominations

  • Jorge Fornes (Batman, DC Comics)
  • Michael Moreci (Vault Comics / DC Comics)
  • J.P. Ahonen (Belzebubs)
  • Jacob Phillips (My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies / Criminal, Image Comics)
  • Zoe Thorogood (Angel, Self-published)

Winner: Jorge Fornes (Batman, DC Comics)

2020 Best Original Graphic Novel nominations

  • Hilda & The Mountain King (Luke Pearson, Flying Eye Books)
  • Bad Weekend (Ed Brubaker / Sean Phillips, Image Comics)
  • Snow, Glass, Apples (Neil Gaiman / Colleen Doran, Dark Horse)
  • Our Encounters With Evil (Mike Mignola / Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Dark Horse Comics)
  • Liebestrasse (Greg Lockard / Tom Fish, comiXology)

Winner: Bad Weekend (Ed Brubaker / Sean Phillips, Image Comics)

2020 Best Collection nominations

  • Judge Dredd: The Small House (Rebellion Publishing)
  • Bill Sienkiewicz: Revolution Volume 1 (Six Foot Press)
  • The Green Lantern (DC Comics)
  • These Savage Shores (Vault Comics)
  • Little Bird (Image Comics)

Bill Sienkiewicz

Bill Sienkiewicz (Image credit: Tripwire)

Winner: Bill Sienkiewicz: Revolution Volume 1 (Six Foot Press)

2020 Best Editor nominations

  • Karen Berger
  • Brady Webb
  • Shelly Bond
  • Chris Ryall
  • Mark Doyle

Karen Berger

Karen Berger (Image credit: Tripwire)

Winner: Karen Berger

  • 'PanelxPanel'
  • 'Newsarama'
  • 'Down the Tubes'
  • 'Comic Scene UK'
  • 'Broken Frontier'

Winner: 'Newsarama'

 2020:Best Small Press / Independent - UK sponsored by Knockabout Comics

  • SelfMadeHero
  • Time Bomb
  • Accent UK
  • Unbound
  • BHP Publishing

Winner: SelfMadeHero

2020 Best Small Press / Independent – US nominations

  • TKO Presents
  • Dynamite Editions
  • Drawn & Quarterly
  • Humanoids
  • Vault Comics

Winner: Vault Comics

The Tripwire Awards: The Roll of Honour sponsored by Soaring Penguin Press Nominations

  • Mike Mignola
  • Joe Kubert
  • Pat Mills
  • Alex Ross
  • P. Craig Russell
  • Alan Moore
  • Dave Gibbons
  • Louise Simonson
  • Eric Stephenson

Winners: Mike Mignola and Alan Moore

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