Will Smith up for Jim Cameron- produced Fantastic Voyage?

Will Smith is currently being courted to star in sci-fi remake Fantastic Voyage , which has James Cameron and his Lightstorm Entertainment partner Jon Landau producing.

Shaun Levy ( Real Steel , Night At The Museum ) is currently attached to direct, though he's said to be considering leaving the project if Smith doesn't agree to sign on.

The pair are meeting over the next couple of weeks, but Levy is expected to move on if a deal can't be struck with Smith or another big-name star.

Fantastic Voyage revolves around a team of scientists who are shrunk in order to pilot a tiny submarine inside a sick scientist's body. The original was released in 1966, but the conceit has been reused many times, for the likes of Innerspace and episodes of Futurama and The Magic School Bus .

Smith, who seems to be one of the world's few surefire box office draws, has been a little quiet on the acting front since 2008's Seven Pounds , though he's returning in Men In Black 3 next summer.

The actor's no stranger to big-budget sci-fi, but there's currently no indication of how interested he is in Fantastic Voyage , and Fox are apparently wary of spending the money on a big name.

Real Steel 's Hugh Jackman was once linked with the lead role, but that seems to have fallen by the wayside, possibly because he's so close to shooting The Wolverine .

If Levy opts out of Fantastic Voyage , he could possibly take on one of a number of fairytale stories, including Maleficent or reimaginings of Frankenstein and Sleeping Beauty .

Matt Maytum
Deputy Editor, Total Film

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