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Our Wild Hearts Bow weapon guide will explain Haya arrows, Otoya arrows and the Bolstered Bow mechanic, all of which serve to make the bow so deadly. By using these and other mechanics in tandem, players who use the bow can combined its range and accuracy to superior effect, while minimizing the challenge posed by its lack of speed and impeded ability to dodge. Our Wild Hearts Bow guide will take you through all the nuances of this complex weapon, including tips, tricks, the moveset and more besides.

How to use the Wild Hearts Bow

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To use the Bow in Wild Hearts is all about alternating between the two types of arrows. Both do damage, but if you stick a Haya arrow in the enemy, you can then detonate it with an Otoya arrow for extra damage, so alternating is a great idea. Beyond that, you want to do what you can to keep your distance, aim precision shots at weak points, and have your Thread ready to build a quick exit if enemies get too close, like a spring or glider. There's a lot to keep in mind, but done right it's one of the best Wild Hearts weapons.

Bow moveset and attacks

The Bow's range of attacks are a little more complex than the average weapon, but we'll walk you through them one by one.

  • Square/X: Switch between arrow types
  • Triangle/Y: Bolster Bow (Next arrow does higher damage and consumes stamina, changes Haya Arrows to rapid fire, player cannot move while aiming Bolstered shot)
  • Triangle/Y x2: Bolster Bow to maximum (increased damage/effect/stamina consumption on next arrow)
  • R2/RT: Fire arrow
  • R2/RT (hold down): Charged shot

With at least three different basic ways to empower your arrows - Bolsters, Charge Shots and Arrow Detonation - there's a lot for players to work with off the bat.

Bow arrow types explained

The two types of arrows in the Bow are essential to using it correctly - Haya arrows and Otoya arrows. You can alternate between them at any point with the Square/X button, and you'll never run out of either kind. Not only that, but the angle at which your character holds the bow will show you what you've got ready.

Held horizontally, the Bow fires Haya arrows in sets of three, which don't do huge damage, but can be fired fairly fast and will stick into an enemy and stay there. Held vertically, the Bow fires Otoya arrows which cause their own damage and generate a pulse on landing that causes any nearby Haya arrows to explode for high damage.

This means that the best thing you can do is to hold the bow horizontally, shoot a load of Haya arrows into a Kemono's weak spot, then switch to vertical and shoot that spot with an Otoya. At this point the pulse will cause the Haya arrows to explode, doing big damage to the enemy!

Bow tips and tricks

The Bow is clearly a more complex weapon than most, but here's a few pointers to ensure that you can get the most out of it and know what you're doing.

  • In combat, try to find a high ridge or safe point to shoot arrows from. Distance is your friend, and anywhere enemies struggle to reach is a good option.
  • The Bow is way better against slow enemies, as landing the precision shots on fast Kemono is difficult. Some enemies may just not be as suited to this kind of weapon.
  • All shots use stamina - not a lot, but constant fire can drain it. Keep that in mind.
  • Build some Karakuri around you for a quick escape if you need it!
  • Jumping off a crate allows players to unleash a high-damage downwards facing shot, great if you're vaulting over a monster.
  • Bolstering a shot means you won't be able to move when firing it. Don't let yourself get locked down if you're in danger!
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