Wii U gets a special yellow Pikachu controller for Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament already has its own custom controller for Wii U, but it's surprisingly vanilla for something that you'll probably only ever use with one game. Peripherals manufacturer Hori has rectified that with its upcoming Pikachu variant, applying an electric mouse motif to the same purpose-built design, as spotted by Pokemon fansite Serebii.net.

Just like the non-Pikachu version, it sports a D-pad, four face buttons, four smaller buttons, and two shoulder buttons. On top of the yellow body and black band, it also has a fun little silhouette of Pikachu about to elbow drop some fool. If you plan on trying out your controller in local multiplayer, you'll still need to trick the other person into using the Wii U GamePad (that's the only mode in which Pokken requires at least one person to play with the hulking thing).

According to Serebii.net, the Pikachu controller will be released in Japan in June, and Hori hasn't announced any plans for an international release. Hardcore Pikachuligans could always import one, since controllers aren't region locked. Though I wouldn't advise using a Pokken controller with other Wii U games, since it demotes ZL and ZR down to tiny little "Select/Start" button status and it doesn't have analogue sticks.

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Connor Sheridan

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