Wii ping pong controller is coolest, most useless Wii controller ever

So, how many Wii table tennis games do you own? Yeah... not a whole lot, right? But for those times when you want the most realistic virtual ping pong experience you can get, check out this masterfully crafted Wii controller.

This would without a doubt be a very difficult controller to use for any other game besides table tennis, but who cares really? It looks awesome.

It's called the TT Champion Bat, from British company Shinobii. It was designed to have the same dimensions and weight of a real-life table tennis paddle.

The only real sophisticated, dedicated table tennis game for the Wii is Rockstar's simply-titled "Table Tennis," which came out around three years ago. There's also the video game adaptation of everyone's favorite ping pong movie Balls of Fury.

Above: Balls of Fury. The most hilarious movie about the underground world of ping pong ever made

Aside from that, there are ping pong minigames to be found in other titles, and it would probably work okay in tennis games too.

Still, it's a significantly under-represented sport in the video game world and it's certainly a curious choice to develop a specialized peripheral for. Then again, if you're adventurous enough, you could try to actually use this as real table tennis paddle. But we'd be careful about that since the controller will cost a whopping $70 when it comes out "soon."

So for all of you who want to bring out your innerWang Nan, you should keep your eyes open for this unqiue controller. Yeah, we just Googled "table tennis champion" and found her. No one around here can actually name a famous ping pong player...

[ Source:Cnet ]

Oct 19, 2010

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