Wii Channels on the tube

Photo Channel

Thanks to Wii's SD memory card slot, you can view digital pictures right on the television screen. During the presentation, we were shown a massive amount of images on the screen at one time with little or no chugging along at all. That's a far cry from getting pics off a digital camera right now.

When you're done reminiscing about how inhumanly adorable your baby, dog or baby dog are, you'll still be able to mess around with the pictures, creating mosaics or jumbled puzzles you have to reassemble. Nintendo's press release claims you can add MP3 files to slideshows as well.

Forecast Channel

Sure to be the backbone of Wii features, this channel gives you up-to-date and accurate weather forecasts through the WiiConnect24 service - the one that keeps Wii constantly connected to the internet. Or you could just look outside.

News Channel

Just like the weather bit, this one offers headlines from around the world. No specific news partners were mentioned, so we're not sure where this news is coming from. You'll be able to choose your news by navigating a 3D globe.

Brett Elston

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