Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Xur location and Exotics, August 28 - September 4

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Where is Xur? For the weekend of August 28, Xur is down on Titan in the Rig. You'll find him on the north side, tucked into a small room on the lower outside wall. Xur will remain there until reset time on Tuesday, September 4.

We've listed and evaluated all the Exotics that Xur is selling below. Be sure to buy his Exotic engram, too. If you're missing an Exotic on your current character, you'll receive one you don't already have, and you can always get a better roll on an Exotic you do own. You can only buy one engram a week, though, so buy it on your favorite character. 

  • Exotic weapon - Sunshot: fires explosive rounds, and anything it kills explodes with solar energy, including enemies killed by another explosion. Sunshot is low-key one of the best PvE weapons in the game, and with the huge stat boosts from its catalyst, it's pretty good in PvP too. It can kill dozens of tightly packed mobs with a few shots, which is every bit as effective as it sounds.
  • Hunter Exotic - Gwisin Vest: each Spectral Blades kill refunds super energy when you next enter stealth mode. Spectral Blades already has a disgustingly long duration, and Gwisin takes that even further. Every kill you get will bank bonus time, and entering stealth cashes it in. If you're running an intellect build, this is a solid way to amp up your super in PvP.
  • Titan Exotic - Actium War Rig: auto rifles and machine guns are automatically partially reloaded from reserves. Actium War Rig is good for more than just Sweet Business memes; it also turns Xenophage, one of the best DPS options in the game, into a bottomless well of destruction. Auto rifles are also quite good right now, so this is a real contender for PvE loadouts.
  • Warlock Exotic - Contraverse Hold: dealing damage with charged void grenades refunds grenade energy, and you take less damage while charging void grenades. Contraverse Hold generally competes with Nezarec's Sin for the ultimate grenade spam enabler, and it's always a pretty close race. If you want to throw as many grenades as possible and you aren't using a loadout of void weapons, this is a strong and fun Exotic.

The Stasis subclasses coming this fall are getting dedicated reveals soon.  

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