What's your most prized Achievement or Trophy of 2008?

Mikel Reparaz: Senior PlayStation Editor, GamesRadar US
LittleBigPlanet (PS3)
Trophy: Feel the Love and Crowd Pleaser
Why: "Most Achievements and Trophies are simply based on hitting some milestone or doing something only slightly out of the ordinary, but these two were the only ones that required real work on my part. Feel the Love and Crowd Pleaser come when 10 or more people "Heart" a level you've made and 50 or more play it, respectively, so seeing my work on LBP levels rewarded with the approval of real people was a rare feeling. The kind of feeling that doesn't come from, say, killing a thousand imaginary enemies or finishing a level on Veteran difficulty.

Alex Wiltshire – Deputy Editor, Edge
Game: Braid (360)
Achievement: Closure
Why: "Not because it's something nobody gets, but because it's a nice feeling, solving all the puzzles."

Lizzie Cuevas: Associate Video Editor, GamesRadar US
Game: Fable II (360)
Achievement: The Swinger
Why: "Having not played the first Fable, I had no idea how to have sex in Fable II. It was finally rewarding to get a bunch of villagers to follow me to bed for good, clean, "responsible" (you can't get the achievement without a condom) fun."

Daniel Dawkins – Editor, PSM3
Game: None
Trophy: None
"Because I managed to play games for a month after trophies became active, without claiming one. It’s a game within a game -only playing games that don't have trophies."

Richard Stanton – Staff Writer, Edge
Game: Ninja Gaiden 2 (360)
Achievement: Indomitable Spirit
Why: "I'm not sure 'proud' is the word for continuing 100 times, but it did make me laugh."

Matthew Pellett – Staff Writer, Xbox World 360
Game: Call of Duty: World At War (360)
Achievement:For The Motherland
Why: "It took me two hours just to get past ONE checkpoint in the penultimate level on Veteran difficulty. There's just grenade spam the whole time – very cheap but very hard. After this, the final level was easy in comparison."

So that's ours - what's yours? And has anyone managed Smile on Geometry Wars 2?

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