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What's your most prized Achievement or Trophy of 2008?

Every single gamer must have felt a sense of pride at some point. Achievements and Trophies can cement this, giving you something solid (well, kinda) to show for your efforts. So which of your year's haul are you most proud of?

We want to hear which Trophy or Achievement you value the most from 2008. To give you some inspration, we've been quizzing our friends and contributors to find out which achievement or trophy takes pride of place on their own virtual mantelpiece. So have a look through our proudest moments from the last 12 months and then tell us yours in the comments below. Forget about modesty, this is your chance to show off to the world!

Here we go, then, in no particular order...

Charlie Barratt: Senior Editor, GamesRadar US
Game: Lips (360)
Achievement: Lips Anthology
Why: Playing Lips for more than five minutes was shameful. Playing Lips while connected to Xbox Live, so that all my friends playing Left 4 Dead could see me, was embarrassing. Earning 500 quick points (The Anthology achievement is only worth 40 points... it was just indicative of a proud and productive hour of cheating / Achievement whoring), however, was glorious. Suddenly racing past my bitter Gamerscore rival, Chris Antista, was euphoric. And accomplishing the whole thing by simply holding a white noise producer up to the microphone and not actually singing? That was my proudest gaming moment of the year.

Ian Evenden - Production Editor, Edge
Game:Fable 2 (360)
Achievement: Swinger
Why: "It took me two evenings of play before I worked out how it was done. I thought you just had to get two people to watch you having sex."

Rory Smith -Staff Writer, GamesMaster
Game: Left 4 Dead (360)
Achievement: Tankbuster
Why: "I've never really been an achievement whore before that, but this was like a medal of honour, taking down a tank without it damaging any of my team."

Brett Elston: Senior Editor, GamesRadar US
Game: Bionic Commando Rearmed (360)
Achievement: One Dozen Yashichis
Why: Because they're so damn hard to find! Try doing it without watching YouTube clips or text guides and it's one of the hardest things you can do in one of the hardest games of the year. It's only worth 20 points, but the pride that swells inside your heart has to at least be worth, what, 200, 300 points?

Andy Leung – Designer, GamesMaster
Game: Hexic HD (360)
Achievement: Oyster-Meister
Why: "It took me ages cos I kept on getting it wrong. And I actually spent more time getting this achievement than playing next-gen games. Just proves that graphics aren't everything."

Dave Meikleham – Content Editor, GamesRadar
Game: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3)
Achievement: Survivor
Why: "To be honest, no trophy or achievement can compare to the embarrassing number of man-hours devoted to – sacrificing social interaction, sunlight and personal hygiene – and subsequent satisfaction of nabbing the Big Boss ranking in Metal Gear Solid 4. But I suppose getting the Survivor trophy on Drake’s, particularly on Crushing, required patience and perseverance and was quite rewarding when I nailed it."