What's your most prized Achievement or Trophy of 2008?

Justin Towell – Content Editor, GamesRadar UK
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (360)
Achievement: Xbox Live Racer
Why: "Not because this one is anything special, but because it was the last one to complete the set - 200/200 on BOTH Sonic games. Yup, including Perfect Win on Sonic 1 where you complete it on one life (which would have been my answer but I got it last summer). I haven't 100%ed any other 360 games - no achievement whoring for me - but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do."

Ben Robinson - Technical Disc Production Assistant, Official Xbox Magazine UK
GTA IV (360)
Achievement: Keys to the City
Why: "60 hours and 200 pigeons!"

Andy Kelly – Staff Writer, PSM3
Game: Warhawk (PS3)
Trophy: Dead Eye (snipe someone from 2,500 feet away)
Why: "Because I did it while hovering in mid-air with a jetpack, which may be the most stylish virtual murder I’ve ever committed. That and the fact that it was a one-in-a-million chance that I doubt I’d ever be able to intentionally recreate. The fact that my target exacted his revenge a few minutes later with the sharp end of a knife didn’t detract from the magical feeling of accomplishment."

Martin Davies – Staff Writer on Edge
Game: Geometry Wars 2 (360)
Achievement: Wax off
Why: "Well, it's just difficult, isn't it?"

Geraint Evans – Deputy Editor, GamesMaster
Fable 2 (360)
Achievement: The Hero of Will/Skill/Strength
Why: "I got all three endings in Fable, just from playing it far too much, as opposed to being any good at it."

Ryan King -Online Editor, Official Xbox 360 Magazine
Left 4 Dead (360)
Achievement: Zombicidal Maniac
Why: "Because completing any chapter on Left 4 Dead's Expert mode is hair-pullingly, teeth-bitingly, friends-losingly hard. It was made even sweeter by the fact I got killed just before clambering into the escape van and still got the achievement, while fellow staffie and team-mate Ben didn't. Gutted!"

Matt Cundy – Associate Editor, GamesRadar
Game: GTA IV (360)
Achievement:Chain Reaction
Why: "I spent hours setting up road blocks with buses in Star Junction and then unloading RPGs and grenades into the vehicular pile-up, but every bloody time I'd either die or get busted by the cops. So like a true champion I gave up. Then, on one pointless rampage and without even trying, I completely fluked snagging the achievement. Proof that quitters can be winners."

Ben Talbot: Community Editor, OXM
Game: Lost Planet (360)
Achievement: Extreme Soldier
Why: "Lost Planet's Extreme Mode takes away all the vehicles, makes your health tick down at lightning speed and makes the enemies super-tough. It took me over six hours just to beat the level one boss, and there were still ten more levels after that."

Matthew Keast: Associate Editor, UK mag ports, GamesRadar US
Game: Gears of War 2 (360)
Achievement: Artist of War
Why: "This was the first time ever that I've played a game on Hard mode from the very beginning. On top of that, I've never played Gears 1! It was a bit of a challenge, but also a lot of fun, as it increased the danger factor. I shall play (almost) all games on Hard mode from now on!"

Greg Macgregor – Production Editor, GamesMaster
Game: Left 4 Dead (360)
Achievement: Burn the Witch
"It's not the greatest achievement because anyone can do it, but it was just funny at the time, to be online with my team and suddenly see the witch come screaming past. Alight."