What is Xbox All Access?

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Launched in 2018, Xbox All Access is a subscription service allowing players to spread the cost of a new Xbox console over 24 months. Originally limited to current-gen consoles, the service is expanding with the launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Xbox All Access for Xbox One S 

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Last year, Microsoft re-launched the service. Instead of only providing access to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold, Xbox All Access changed to allow you to buy an Xbox One X ($30.99/month), Xbox One S ($22.99/month), or Xbox One S All-Digital ($19.99/month) for 24 monthly payments at no extra cost. The service would also grant 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and allow players to upgrade to a next-gen console after 18 months (or 12 months for some limited-time Xbox One X subscriptions). Earlier this summer, however, Microsoft confirmed that it would be discontinuing production of the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S All-Digital edition, making the Xbox One S the only currently available Xbox of the current generation.

Xbox All Access for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S 

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Now that the new consoles are nearly here, however, the service is changing. Microsoft recently announced that if you are a current subscriber, you’ll be able to purchase a next-gen console with Xbox All Access at any time, even during the pre-order window, without having to wait to complete those minimum payments to upgrade.

To do so, head to any participating retailer once pre-orders open. If you’re up to date with your current payments, you’ll get an email from the service’s credit provider confirming that you want to upgrade - you’ll need to make sure you respond to this so that you can trade-in your old console when its replacement arrives.

When you upgrade, you’ll continue to make monthly payments on your original subscription until you hit the original minimum payment requirement. At that point, you’ll be mailed a trade-in kit, which you’ll need to use to return your Xbox One console, controller, and power cord (in good condition) within 14 days. Once you’ve mailed back your trade-in kit, you’ll receive an email to confirm the upgrade, and you won’t owe the remaining balance on the original All Access subscription - you will, however, still be paying for the upgraded version of the subscription.

Alternatively, if you choose to wait until the Series X and Series S arrive, you can simply buy a subscription with one of those consoles straight away.

Xbox All Access Retailers 

In the UK, you can purchase an Xbox All Access subscription from GAME and Smyths toy stores. In the US, the scheme is currently only available at Best Buy, but is eventually due to expand to GameStop, Walmart, and Target, and will also be available on the Microsoft store.

An Xbox One S will cost $22.99/£19.99, while an Xbox Series S will set you back $24.99/£20.99. Finally, an Xbox Series X costs $34.99/£28.99. Pre-orders for the next-gen consoles begin on September 22 ahead of their release on November 10.

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