What is 500 Rads?

JJ Abrams just can't stop being a cinematic trickster, pulling off movies like Cloverfield without people catching wind until later.

But this time, the team at Pajiba got a few, sketchy details a little earlier than usual, including word that the working title is 500 Rads and that it's not related to his other in-development work like Mystery On Fifth Avenue and the untitled earthquake pic.

The word in normal (albeit largely obselete these days) use refers to an absorbed radiation dose, but that still says little about the actual plot.

And a note that it appears to be in the vein of Cloverfield and, crucially 28 Days Later, has led to speculation that this might be Abrams' stripped-down take on zombie movies, though of course that's just idle thought right now.

What is known? It'll boast a $25 million budget, has a plan to shoot in Europe and, as of yet, doesn't have a director attached.

Jeff Pinkner, who has worked with Abrams for years on the likes of Alias and Lost, had been writing the script, but is currently a little busy running the Abrams-originated Fringe.

Intriguing! We're almost hoping not to find out more than this, and to have Abrams surprise us all again. But leave the shaky-cam at home this time, eh, JJ?

[Source: Pajiba ]

Guessing game time! What do you think it'll be about?

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