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What if life gave 1000 Achievement points?

25G - Did it just get colder?

Pee in a hot tub. Seriously, everyone does it!

50G - The Graduate 2: Graduate Harder

Graduated college. You now have a permission slip to get a new job.

5G - But didn't I drop that class?

Have a dream about forgetting to attend a class you signed up for in college. Yes, everyone has it. No, they'll never stop--not even once you've graduated.

15G - Super busy tonight, sorry!

Blow off an engagement with friends to play video games

25G - Tie the knot

Get married and spend the rest of your life with someone.

100G - A little version of you

You've sired a child, just like every ancestor you've ever had (or bought a cat, either way).

5G - Cut that stupid, selfish knot

Did we say "rest of your life?" Yeah. Not happening.

5G - Well, now you're caught up

Marathon an entire TV series in the span of a weekend.

50G - Homeowner

Buy a home. Now you can leave your toys ANYWHERE!

5G - Woah, meta

Get 1,000 Achievement Points in a game or earn a Platinum Trophy