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What if life gave 1000 Achievement points?

10G - Can I take your order?

Get your first job. Don't worry, you'll find a better one someday.

25G - The Graduate

Graduate high school and enjoy some fleeting moments of freedom.

5G - Err, can I see some ID?

Drink some alcohol now that you're old enough (or, you know, whenever).

50G - Accepted!

College! You're well on your way to crippling debt--congratulations!

25G - Catch 'em all

Catch all of the Pokemon. Literally all of them.

5G - Hurk...huuurk...hurk...hur...hur...hur...huuuuuuurk

Drink so much you vomit. Good news: that specific alcohol type is dead to you.

75G - "It looks like a mirac...It's in the hole!"

Lose your virginity to that special someone. Or, you know, just someone.

5G - Critical hit!

Break a bone. Any bone, really, take your pick.

10G - Experiment

Just you know. It's college. Whatever. #YOLO

50G - My house, my rules!

Move out of your parents' house. It's time. Seriously.