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What if life gave 1000 Achievement points?

50G - Never forget your first

Play your first video game. Ah, memories.

25G - The Jr. Graduate

You graduated elementary school, eh? Easy mode is over.

0G - First!

Comment "FIRST!" on an article on the Internet, impressing everyone.

5G - What did you say your number was?

Go on your first date.

50G - Love, true love

Fall in love--it never gets better than this.

5G - First base!

You'll never forget your first kiss.

10G - Sadness, true sadness

Have your heart broken--it never gets any worse than this.

5G - Did it just get warmer?

Pee in a pool. Seriously, everyone does it!

15G - 10 and 2

Get your license and learn to drive but probably not in that order.

0G - It was the other guy's fault

Get into a car accident.