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What if life gave 1000 Achievement points?

5G - Hi... Stebrian?

Forget someone's name and poorly cover it up by merging words together.

50G - Hired!

Get your dream job and prepare for a career.

5G - Shart

Ever go for a fart, and then a little more comes out? Yeah. That's this.

25G - Fired!

Downsizing, you know, the economy, and, um, sorry--you're fired.

5G - Coming out both ends

Get food poisoning and live to tell the tale.

10G - Embrace nerddom

Play Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and Warhammer

5G - Done with that s***

Retire and get ready to spend all of your money.

25G - Little versions of little versions of you

Have grandchildren and spoil them rotten.

15G - Midlife crisis

Buy that expensive car. Seriously, no one will stop you.

5G - Riddle of the Sphinx

You know, these diapers are quite handy.