What If Futurama Was A Live-Action Movie?

Can Fry convince him to come back for one more smackdown?

It’s Michael Bay. What do you think?

Woody Allen...


The director: Woody Allen

The cast: Allen makes his triumphant, latex-lavished return to acting by playing Dr Zoidberg, the carrion-eating Planet Express surgeon from the Crab Nebula.

Ewan McGregor is Fry, Penelope Cruz is one-eyed sexpot Leela and Larry David is Professor Farnsworth.

The plot: It’s an Allen-flavoured tale of Zoidberg’s sexual inadequacy and craving to return to the ocean.

Loitering in clubs and bars with Farnsworth as his grouchy, elderly wingman (one of the few creatures on the planet who can make him look good), Zoidberg attempts to pick ladies, but ends up sexing some cold sushi.

Jaunty jazz theme tune remix performed by the director himself.

Quentin Tarantino...


Tim Burton...


Next: Oliver Stone...


And what's with the confused, liberal-minded but oddly reactionary undertone of patriotism?

Next: Chris Nolan...


Next: The Coens...


The director: The Coen Brothers

The cast: William H Macy is Phil Fry, delivery boy.

Frances McDormand plays Mom, the outwardly benevolent owner of Mom’s Old Fashioned Robot Oil, who turns out to be a fascistic freak lady with three goofy henchmen/sons.

The plot : Quirk and quick-fire repartee is the name of the game as the Coens go SF.

Most of the characters remain the same as in the cartoon, since they’re pretty much perfect fits for Coen types anyway.

We follow Fry on a typical mission where everything seems to go wrong for him – he loses the cargo, gets told off by the professor (JK Simmons) and loses the love of Leela when she’s swept off her feet by the sleazy Zapp Brannigan (George Clooney).

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