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What happens when Thanos puts on his Infinity Stone gauntlet? Find out - kinda - in this week's What's In The Box?

We’re eight episodes deep into What’s In The Box and the stuff we're pulling out of it is getting better and better! This week features a lot of epic movie merchandise, one being a giant Infinity Stone gauntlet - as modelled by Thanos in Avengers Infinity War (opens in new tab) - that lights up and makes irritating space noises. There's a weird and wacky retro game controller for your feet, a whole crate of Lord of The Rings mystery minis featuring a super rare Ring Wraith vinyl, and - finally - a lightsaber pizza cutter. While I nip off to Asda to fetch a deep-pan Hawaiian that'll push this culinary Star Wars merch to its absolute limits, check out the video then read more about the products below. 

Avengers: Infinity War life-sized Thanos Gauntlet

Thanos was lucky enough to drop by the office this week and he accidentally left his gauntlet behind… with all of the stones! So I couldn't help myself, I had to give it a good go. The second I put it on I felt the power of the universe within me and I had to hold myself back from slapping my colleagues with this thing to see how much power it truly had. All jokes aside, this thing is stunning, gigantic and easy to control. Inside is a handle, and around the handle are levers for each finger, giving you individual finger control… and yes you can flip someone the bird with this oversized gauntlet, I tried (video above to prove it). All of the stones light up with individual colours, the big yellow time gem in the middle can be pressed to make a scary space noise which resembles a spaceship of some kind.

Buy It US: $99.99 from Amazon (opens in new tab)
Buy It UK: £132.99 from Amazon (opens in new tab)

Retro gaming mat

Do you hate playing games with your hands? It's a common problem, apparently. Such is the demand for feet-controlled games that there’s a gaming mat with 200 built in retro games that you can plug straight into your TV. Such classic games as Pong Pong, F-22, and Nut Cracky… oh, never heard of them? Me neither, they’re pre-built custom games made specifically for these retro plug and play products so you won’t find Mario or Zelda on here unfortunately. Still, if you're into playing Nut Cracky with your feet, Alan, this is for you.

Buy It US: $36.96 from Amazon (opens in new tab)
Buy It UK: £29.99 from Amazon (opens in new tab)

Lord of The Rings Funko Mystery Minis

Look at these adorable Lord of The Rings characters! Funko has released a line of Mystery Minis which happen to feature our Hobbit-bothering friends! Some of them even are Hobbits, although I guess they bother other Hobbits every now and then. Being a big LOTR fan myself these were so awesome to unbox, and they brought back some great movie watching memories. Taking a closer look on the back you can find different rarities within these mystery minis, the rarest being Ring Wraiths and Elrond himself. Characters such as Golem, Legolas, Frodo and even Sauron himself show up in this set and each character has this awesome, cartoony, vinyl look to it that I just can’t help but love. Rumours have it that a golden Gimli is hiding somewhere within this set and has been popping up on eBay for a good sum, but nobody knows how many of them have been made, so good luck finding him!

Buy It US: $67.95 from Amazon (opens in new tab) (Set of 12)
Buy It UK: £6.99 from Amazon (opens in new tab) (Single)

Star Wars Lightsaber pizza cutter

Have you ever wanted to cut a pizza in style, Alan? Or really nerd up your next pizza night in with your friends? Then the Star Wars Lightsaber from Funko will do just that! It comes with batteries and a fairly good pizza cutter on the end which requires little ‘force’ to slice your pizza. With each slash your ears will be greeted with the delightful sound of a lightsaber attack, which admittedly sounds great for the first few pizzas... but wears a bit thin the more you slash. The pizza cutter itself can be removed by pressing a button: this is meant for cleaning so, please, don’t put the lightsaber bit in the wash!

Buy It US: $18.95 from Amazon (opens in new tab)
Buy It UK: £15.99 from Amazon (opens in new tab)

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