What does R2-D2 throwing up into Yoda's brain taste like? We find out in What’s in the Box? Episode 3

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to drive a real life Lightning McQueen, or how a replica sized Gjallarhorn from Destiny (opens in new tab)feels on your shoulder? Well, you can find out in this week’s episode of What’s In The Box?!

Every week I showcase a handful of the most sought-after and downright outrageous bits of gaming, movie and TV merchandise on the web to help you decide whether or not it’s worth your hard earned cash. Episode 3 features a hi-tech Lightning McQueen RC car, a replica Destiny rocket launcher, an R2-D2 Coffee press, lots of Geeki Tikki’s and a Game Boy that attaches to your smartphone. Sit back relax and watch me take you through these epic products. Oh, and don’t laugh when I hold the rocket launcher incorrectly, it had no instructions okay...?

 Sphero App Controlled Lightning McQueen 

We all love that famous drift scene from Cars 1. It’s a fact. So what better way to spend your weekend than trying to replicate it in your own back garden? The tech gurus over at Sphero have jam packed this little fella with plenty of features! For example, its mouth is rubberised, making it able to talk and make gestures. His eyes are actual screens that replicate his animations, and the app itself is filled with smooth driving moves, challenges and even, yes… drift mode! Oh, and I forgot to mention how extravagant the unboxing experience is. You’ve outdone yourself there Sphero!

Buy It US: $174.99 from Amazon (opens in new tab)
Buy It UK: £249.99 from Amazon (opens in new tab)

 Destiny Replica Gjallarhorn

Destiny has been in our best games ever (opens in new tab) list for some time now, and we’ve always wondered what it would be like to hold THE rocket launcher from the original game. Well, ThinkGeek has hooked us up with exactly that. This is the replica 1:1 scaled Gjallarhorn, and words cannot explain how much I love it. Assembly was pretty simple (even though I look as if I struggled), with only three parts to put together for it to work. It does require some batteries, though, if you want to hear those glorious rocket noises when you pull the trigger.

Everywhere I looked I found sweet detail. On the front you have a pull down grip for extra comfort when blowing up a Titan. It has a two stage sound effect when pulling the trigger: a lock on noise and then a explosion. Without doubt this is going up on our studio wall.

Buy It US: $169.99 from ThinkGeek
Buy It UK: £124.99 from ThinkGeek

 R2-D2 Coffee Press + Geeki Tikis 

Do you think in the movies R2-D2 could possibly make coffee? Is this product a spoiler!? No, and no, but in our dreams we’d like to think the adorable little robot could not only help us win galactic wars but also pour us a hot drink now and then. This amazing coffee press, shaped like the infamous R2-D2, makes THAT dream a reality! And to go along side that, ThinkGeek sent us over a stack of new Geeki Tiki’s in the shape of Star Wars characters! You need to check out Yoda in the video above, he is most certainly our favourite of the bunch.

Buy It US (Coffee Press): $39.99 from ThinkGeek
Buy It UK(Coffee Press): £29.99 from ThinkGeek

Buy It US (Geeki Tiki): $12.99 from ThinkGeek
Buy It UK (Geeki Tiki): £9.99 from ThinkGeek

 SmartBoy Game Boy For Android Phones

The almighty Game Boy is loved by millions and, although the original handheld is becoming somewhat of a rare find these days, the smart geeks at Hyperkin have created a Game Boy accessory that fits to the bottom of your Android smartphone. The aim is to replicate the aesthetic of the 1989 Classic Game Boy and attach it to a more modern device that can use ROM’s to emulate the old school games with a much brighter screen. The Smartboy needs no batteries as it uses your phone’s Micro USB or USB-C port as a power supply, leaving the top half of your smartphone to become the Game Boy screen. It’s a brilliant little product that will no doubt put a smile on your retrophile face! 

Buy It US: $64.99 from RetroStock
Buy It UK: £49.99 from RetroStock

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